Free Spins 2022

Free spins, or free spins as they are often called, are a casino bonus that gives you extra opportunities to win real money from slot machines . Every spin you get from the casino gives you a physical spin on a slot machine. The big difference from the regular bonus is that you can not choose the value you play with, and that they are usually locked to a specific slot machine .

This is also part of the reason why casinos love to release them. They usually do not decide which slot machine you play on, and the casinos can thus use free spins to show off new slot machines . This also allows them to reduce their own risk when giving out free spins without a deposit . All they have to do is choose a slot machine without sky-high winnings, and they can protect themselves from reasonably extreme losses, and yes, it has every person who has become a millionaire without depositing a single penny of their own money.

On this page we will give you two simple overviews of new free spin offers . We start with the most fun first, all new casinos that give you free spins without deposit , we then continue to give you an overview of all new casinos that offer free spins on deposit . We will also give you a full explanation of how free spins work, the best strategies and why they have so many incredible names.

Free spins on registration 2022

Want to win money without depositing a single penny of your own money? Want to try a brand new casino without any personal risk? Of course you have it! Free spins on registration is a form of casino bonus without deposit , which allows you to claim free winning chances just to register .

This is our overview of every new casino that gives you free free spins upon registration . Unfortunately, there are not too many casinos that dare to give out free gifts like this. There is a lot for them to lose! We therefore say: all credit to the casinos that are still daring.

We therefore recommend that you take a look at each of the offers, because yes, every single set of free spins can give you good prizes. Just sign up and get free spins . It just does not get easier. Get the spins, see if luck is with you. If you do not win, you have not lost a single penny of your own money. That is why these offers are as good as they actually are.

Deposit bonus with free spins 2022

If you are looking for even bigger doses of free spins, we have also set up an overview of all new casinos that give you free spins in the welcome bonus. Most of these offers are about free spins on the side of an already tempting bonus , but there may be casinos with pure free spins welcome bonuses as well.

Everyone likes to get extra free spins on the side of a bonus, as it means even more chances of winning, but the offer is best for low rollers . These are players who bet with smaller sums . The reason for this is that you can get so much more for your money.

Usually you only need to meet the minimum deposit to get the free spins . This means that with a deposit of between NOK 100 and NOK 300, you will unlock both the bonus percentage and the free spins rounds. This will in some cases give you the opportunity to, if we calculate values ​​for the free spins rounds, increase a bonus from 100% to 150%, 200% and maybe even more.

Compare the offers below. Each of them can be collected when you make your first deposit at the casino. Which are the most tempting?

What are free spins? And why do they have so many names?

We have already explained that free spins / free spins are a bonus you get from casinos that can only be used on slot machines. They are usually locked to a specific slot machine, but there are casinos that allow you to choose. Each spin is a physical, or should we say virtual, click on the spin button. What we have not gone through is how much free spins are actually worth. The answer is usually approx. 1 to 2 kroner .

This is because regular free spins are set to the lowest bet you can make on a slot machine, and although this varies, it is usually one or two kroner. There are of course free spins with a higher value, and then also with a slightly different name, such as ” super spins “. The casinos do this so that you quickly understand that these are free spins that are extra good. Most names given to free spins, on the other hand, mean nothing. We will explain exactly why they have so many names soon. Before we do this, on the other hand, we have to go through another thing that makes free spins so different from the regular bonus, namely the wagering requirement.